Slagerij Verhoef celebrates 100 years of existence | Video – English

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Verhoef family celebrated the hundredth anniversary of Slagerij Verhoef. What once started as a small business in Amsterdam has grown into a renowned butcher’s shop in Almere Haven.

The success story started in 1923, when Cor Verhoef’s grandfather founded the butcher’s shop. Since then, the company has survived several generations and it will soon be up to Cor and Adri’s sons to continue the business.

A rich history In 1923, Cor Verhoef’s grandfather started his own butcher shop in Amsterdam. With craftsmanship and passion for the profession, he quickly managed to build up a loyal customer base. His son later took over from his father. When his son (Cor) took over the business, the butcher shop moved with the family to Almere Haven in 1986. Since then, Slagerij Verhoef has established itself as a household name in the center of Almere Haven. Their motto is “World famous throughout Almere”

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